Tuesday, October 21, 2008

our house, in the middle of j.c.

new house

Welcome to the craziest month of our lives. Ever.

Our biggest move have been a literal move, to Jersey City. We bought a cute little two bedroom condo, pictured above when it was still under construction. We were very sad to leave Brooklyn, and the place may end up worth peanuts on the dollar six months after we signed the papers, but we're thrilled to be home owners and plan to stay put for quite a while. It's a completely gutted and refurbished space in a 100-year-old row house in a great historic neighborhood.

I'm now on Day 21 of waiting for news on The Ledger's buyout. The complete lack of information (or even a plan) is driving everyone there completely insane. But I've got a thrilling new gig on the horizon, lots more on that very soon.

Still packed in a box somewhere is the USB cord for my camera, so no new photos at the moment. But I'll be shooting a lot when we finally get to relax ... in Aruba next week. Phew.

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